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Howard Daum (1918-1988) Art
Howard Daum (1918-1988)
Warren Davis (1932-1974) Art
Warren Davis (1932-1974)
Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927) Art
Armand Guillaumin (1841-1927)
Thomas Stokes (1934-93) Art
Thomas Stokes (1934-93)
LewAllen Modern
The Modern Art Division at LewAllen Galleries is fortunate to represent fine collections, museums and individuals in assisting placement in the secondary market for American and European Modernist works of exceptional historical import and aesthetic accomplishment. The department employs professional art historical resources and prides itself on diligence regarding provenance and authentication as well as unusual levels of scholarship, research, and curatorial attention dedicated to presenting museum-level exhibitions of signal works of the Modern era.

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